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Food Industry Expertise

Camstar Ingredients is a leader in the food industry, specialising in the development and supply of premium herb and spice blends, pastes, sauces and marinades.

Our expertise is built on a deep understanding of the diverse needs across various food sectors, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that enhance product offerings and competitive edge.

Our proficient Product Development (NPD), and Research & Development (R&D) Team, partners with large businesses to deliver precise flavour solutions. From matching existing products to crafting new, innovative blends, we are committed to supporting your objectives from concept to creation.

Explore our range and discover how Camstar Ingredients can elevate your culinary offerings. Partner with us for unparalleled expertise and service that exceeds expectations.

Wet Ingredient Blends

Pastes, marinades, sauces & more

Dry Ingredient Blends

Rubs, herbs, spices & powders

Blended to perfection


At Camstar Ingredients, quality and reliability are at the heart of what we do. We carefully choose only the finest products, including sourcing from global origins.

As part of our rigorous selection process, we personally audit and verify all suppliers before we establish any partnership.

World Spices Camstar Ingredients Norfolk - The finest quality ingredients


Lemon Tagine
Ras el Hanout


American BBQ
Chicken, Spicy USA
Tabasco Style, Mild or Hot
Texan Pan - Fry


Black Bean
Chinese Five Spice
Sweet and Sour


Italian Pizza
Maggi Style


Chat Masala
Curry, Mild or Medium or Hot
Garam Masala
Kashmiri Curry


Chilli, Coconut and Coriander
Nasi Goreng


Mild Malaysian Curry


Chilli Bean
Chilli Con Carne
Mexican Tomato Salsa


Chang Mai Thai Curry
Hot Thai Curry
Thai Seven Spice
Thai Green Curry
Thai Red Curry
Thai Sweet Chilli

West Indies

Jamaican Curry
Jamaican Jerk
Jamaican Pepper
Paprika Chicken

Food Service brands

Camstar Ingredients plays a pivotal role in supporting Food Service Brands offering bespoke ingredient solutions tailored to specific needs. We help food service brands can deliver exceptional taste and quality in their culinary offerings. By partnering with Camstar, food service providers gain access to a comprehensive range of products and expert advice, helping them to innovate, differentiate, and excel in a competitive market.

Box Meal brands

Camstar Ingredients collaborates with Box Meal Service Brands to elevate their meals with custom sachets of sauces, rubs, and spices, streamlining provider operations with high-quality, pre-portioned ingredients. Leveraging flavor innovation and ingredient expertise, Camstar creates unique blends that enhance box meal taste profiles. This close partnership ensures sachets meet culinary needs and boost operational efficiency.

Bulk Food Brands

Camstar Ingredients supports Bulk Service Brands by providing specialty ingredients tailored to large-scale culinary needs. Our expertise in blending and distribution meets the high-volume demands of bulk service providers efficiently. We ensure consistency in taste and quality, aiding brands in maintaining excellence while optimising cost and operational efficiency. Our collaborative approach offers tailored support, from ingredient supply to innovation and formulation.

Weighing, packing & Distribution

Camstar Ingredients offers advanced solutions for weighing and packing operations, tailored specifically for large businesses seeking efficiency and precision in their packaging processes. Utilising the state-of-the-art Multipoint Machine, we provide a seamless service for both dry and pillow pack packaging needs. This technology ensures accurate weighing and consistent packing quality, optimising production lines for high-volume output while maintaining the highest standards of product integrity. Our expertise in handling a variety of ingredient formats, coupled with our commitment to technological and  innovation.  

Camstar Ingredients Norfolk - The finest quality ingredients

latest news

Discover the rich tapestry of flavours in our latest Camstar Ingredients blog post, where we delve into the fascinating world of spices, pastes, rubs, and blends. Join us in exploring insightful, engaging articles that not only enlighten but also inspire culinary innovation. Stay ahead in the industry by embracing the knowledge and expertise shared in our posts. 

Wet Bulk Pastes - Camstar Ingredients

Wet Bulk Production

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